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Welcome to Total Pacific Insurance Brokers

There are risks and liabilities that exist everywhere and at the least expected times. Don’t be caught unprepared with such instances arise. Feel the security that you can only get from comprehensive insurance coverages from Total Pacific Insurance Brokers.


We give your future a total new position – a kind of position that gives you the peace of mind you truly need during our country’s most volatile economy. Everyday trends change, demands rise and fall, your business or your personal assets won’t be worth what they are the past year. The changes that take place in our economical climate may lead to potentially losing your car, your home or compromising your health. Your commercial properties may be put at risk too. This means that you have to be doubly prepared for what may come. At Total Pacific Insurance Brokers, our risk management experts can help you enroll into an insurance plan that will suit your specific requirements.

Total Pacific Insurance Brokers offers Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, and Business Insurance. You can also request for online quotes. It’s fast, easy and gives you a comparative view of your insurance choices.

To inquire further about our insurance services, please call 510-300-3200.