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address 21573 Foothill Blvd. # 213
Hayward, California 94541
phone Phone: 510-300-3200
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About Us

Total Pacific Insurance Brokers is a licensed insurance services agency in Hayward, California.


Our focus is in helping you achieve your TOTAL PEACE OF MIND for things and people that you value the most – your family, your car, your home and your business. These are life’s essentials and so the least you want to do is to put them in danger.

To ensure the security of what’s valuable to you, you need an insurance provider whose loyalty is in YOUR needs.

Total Pacific Insurance Brokers does not work for a specific insurance carrier. We are affiliated with several providers and this affiliation allows us to acquire several insurance quotes from various carriers. Through us, you have control over managing risks that may affect your home, car or your business.

Helping you secure the things that you value – we are Total Pacific Insurance Brokers. Talk to us about insurance needs – 510-300-3200.